Our session and training take staff on a participative journey which includes:

The What?  An explanation of some of the key terminology and concepts in a Gender Equitable approach, as well as a clear demonstration of how gender inequality and gender stereotypes continue to be perpetuated across Scotland.

The Why?  We demonstrate why a public health approach to gender inequality is important and unpick how gender stereotypes lie at the root of many of Scotland’s big public health issues.

The How? We provide participants with knowledge, tools and ideas that they can use to implement Gender Equitable Practice in their own settings.

We believe that our training:

Increases knowledge around gender: participants have indicated a greater understanding of the definitions of sex and gender, an awareness of the wider impact of gender stereotyping and the impact that the media and culture has on people’s attitudes and beliefs about gender.

Challenges attitudes: our training has challenged participants attitudes towards gender, with many participants expressing surprise or shock when learning about other people’s attitudes towards gender. 

Affirms existing practice: following our training participants felt confident that much of their current practice was already in line with what was recommended.

Provides ideas and provokes intention for changes in practice: We explore what Gender Equitable Practice looks like, make suggestions for simple changes which can be easily made and provide inspirations for participants to create their own solutions based on their knowledge of the children they work with and the settings they work in.

Our training works best when delivered face to face, however we can also now offer online training and support. Have a look at our What We Can Offer? Section to find out more.

What people have said about our training:

“Susie was super – great knowledge and expertise. Really interesting and the material was engaging. All very useful to support my own development.”

“Training was very informative. It was good to find out the impact gender stereotypes can have on people later on in life. It was also interesting to see the subtle ways media show stereotypes.”

“This training was very interesting and made me reflect on my practice and our nursery setting. Well delivered and interesting.”

“Really enjoyed today’s session, really had eyes opened to what is creating/feeding gender inequality and stereotypes through media and culturally.”

“This was a first class training session the subject and slides I will be sharing with my staff to promote discussion and hopefully action some changes.”

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