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We want to share our message as widely as possible, and are always keen to discuss opportunities to do this. We are happy to accept speaking engagements and writing commissions and can develop and deliver bespoke professional learning on request.

Here’s a flavour of some of our previous work! Get in touch if we can help you in some way.

Articles & Blog Posts

We were delighted to talk about our work and the great work by the establishments involved in the Gender Friendly Nursery work to Nursery World. Nursery-World-EYFS-All-about-gender-sterotyping-June22.pdf (

Here’s an article that Susie wrote for The Foundation Stage Forum, which contains helpful advice for anyone wishing to make changes to their practice.   Articles – The Foundation Stage Forum (FSF) – Home of Early Years Foundation Stage (  

Here’s an interview that Susie did for Children in Scotland about our work. Children in Scotland

Here’s a blog post that we wrote for Kinderly on the importance of understanding why we need to do work to combat gender stereotypes. The power of ‘Why?’: Challenging gender stereotypes – Kinderly 

Interested in our earlier work on Gender Friendly Nursery – here’s an article that includes information on how we adapted the training during the pandemic. Glasgow Nurseries Continuing on their Gender Equality Journey  | Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership ( 

The Gender Friendly Nursery work was also highlighted by the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women & Girls The Gender Friendly Nursery – NACWG (

Susie wrote a blog for the amazing Father’s Network Scotland all about her own experiences as a mum, and the impact of gender stereotypes on dads. Liberating Dads Means Liberating Mums Too! – Fathers Network Scotland

Check out our own blog here  for more of our musings, including some useful hints and tips!

Presentations, Speeches & Podcasts

Early Years TV: Susie and Barbara were delighted to be invited to speak about their work by Early Years TV. Check it out here: Susie Heywood and Barbara Adzajlic on Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the Early Years – Early Years TV 

Play Scotland Podcast: Susie was interviewed alongside Jo from Zero Tolerance about gender stereotyping and how it can impact on play in Episode 5 of the brilliant Play Well Podcast from Play Scotland.

The Foundation Stage Forum: We recorded a podcast for FSF which we think is worth a listen: A podcast reflecting on gender friendly practice – Practice and Provision: General issues – The Foundation Stage Forum Ltd (

Boys Will Be Boys: This is a presentation that we delivered as part of an event looking at how we can better involve men and boys as allies in the violence against women agenda.

Tapestry UK: Also check out a podcast we did for Tapestry where we outline our approach Podcasts | Tapestry UK

Fathers Network Scotland – DadX Session

“Frogs & snails” and “sugar & spice”. It’s clear that gender roles and stereotypes are engrained in children’s lives from a young age, but what impact does it have on boys & girls? And what can we do to challenge these limiting expectations? In this talk, Susie shares some insights from her work highlighting:

• The differences we might see between boys and girls as a result of nature and nurture.

• The prevalence of gender stereotypes & how they influence our interactions with children.

• The impact of gender stereotyping on issues such as mental health, male suicide and gender based violence.

• How we can challenge stereotypes by using equitable approaches which provide a counter balance to the messages children receive.

• How gendered pressures may be impacting dads.

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