Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the harmful impacts of gender stereotyping on us all, but in particular the ways that they limit our children from a very young age. We are currently working on a book which will outline our approach and provide a handbook for anyone wishing to make positive changes to their practice with children.

In the meantime we are open to any opportunities which allow us to share our learning, including participation in events, webinars, podcasts or through written inputs. Please do get in touch if we can support anything that you are doing.

We can also offer low cost training, webinars, awareness raising and development support to any practitioners and establishments who wish to improve their knowledge and practice around gender stereotyping.  We are driven by our passion and desire to share good practice and make a difference for children, and as such want our training to be affordable so we are happy to discuss options to allow establishments to choose a method that best suits their needs and budget.

The learning contained within our training is of relevance to anyone who works with children and families.

As well as training and discussion sessions that are “ready to go” we can also offer bespoke sessions on specific topics or of varying lengths to suit your needs or your setting.  Please get in touch with us if you feel we can offer something useful to you or your staff, or to find out if we have any public courses planned in the future.

NOTE: Due to ongoing Covid19 restrictions we are operating virtually as much as possible. Although we firmly believe there is no better way to undertake this kind of training than face to face with a group of other practitioners, virtual delivery allows us a flexibility which means we can easily work with staff across Scotland at a lower cost. If you are interested in a virtual session for your staff, do get in touch.

Presentations, Speeches & Podcasts

Boys Will Be Boys: This is a presentation that we delivered as part of an event looking at how we can better involve men and boys as allies in the violence against women agenda.

Also check out a podcast we did for Tapestry where we outline our approach Podcasts | Tapestry UK

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